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Portable Toilet Hire

Portable Bathroom & Toilet Hire for Events, Parties & Construction

We specialise in portable toilet hire for corporate and all round events.

Event Toilet Hire

We offer a range of portable toilets and restroom services to meet the sanitary needs of gatherings, festivals, and special events.

Shower Hire

We provide shower facilities for events, construction sites, and other settings where on-site bathing is required.

Hydration Station Hire

Hydration station hire provides on-site access to clean drinking water and water dispensers, promoting the well-being and hydration of event participants.

Construction Toilet Hire

We offer portable sanitation solutions specifically designed for construction sites, ensuring workers have access to convenient and hygienic restroom facilities.

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Splashdown are the pioneers of the portable toilet hire industry in Australia. Our portable toilets are designed to limit water usage, so your event can meet sustainability goals and the impact on the environment is reduced. Whether your event is a small private party or a major event with over 100,000 people, Splashdown will have toilets to suit your crowd.

Over 35 Years

Proud sponsors of Kenny

Kenny is a mockumentary that follows the fictional Kenny through his daily life. His work and his personal relationships are explored as Kenny goes about his day-to-day activities and speaks directly to the camera and his audience.

Our staff, our stories and our toilets have even been featured in the top grossing Australian film KENNY.

Some of Our Clients

Over the years, Splashdown have been lucky enough to supply toilets for the following clients and events.

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