Crowd Mover

Crowd Mover

Worried about queues to the toilets at your event? We have the solution!

This unit boasts a 12 man urinal area with hand wash basins and 8 unisex cubicles each with hand wash basins. The unit can cater for 20 people at any one time which is why we call it the "Crowd Mover". It can move through a crowd quicker than any other toilet block on the market. The unisex cubicles can be signed for women or men or left as unisex.

The Crowd Mover is excellent for music festivals, food and wine festivals, concerts and major sporting events.

Crowd Mover
Crowd Mover Layout


  • Weight: 4000kg
  • Dimensions: Footprint: L: 6000mm x W: 2400mm or When Privacy Screen to urinal room is open: L: 6000mm x W: 3000mm
  • Tank Capacity: Approximately 4000 Litres
  • Power Requirements: 15amp power lead required for lighting (power leads are not supplied by Splashdown). Block draws approximately 2amp
  • Water Requirements: Standard garden tap or tank water



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