The company policy of SplashDown (Aust) Corporate Bathroom Rentals Pty Ltd is designed to ensure minimum affect on venues, and the general environment by its activities.

Wherever possible procedures are refined and updated to incorporate the best in environmentally friendly assets, and to minimise unnecessary transport and product use.

Site Access

Splashdown investigates all venues to ensure easy access for the delivery and removal of bathrooms. Event planners are consulted, and are an integral part of venue protection.

Environmental Advantages

  • Splashdown utilises in all its units, a fresh flushing toilet using a maximum of 500ml of water per flush, compared to the industry average of 3-6 litres. This enables a much lower consumption of water on site, a real advantage where water usage is an issue.
  • The use of a spring loaded return tap minimises water usage, this being a feature in all toilet blocks. These water saving devices mean that less pump outs are required per event, thus reducing truck visits and diesel consumption.
  • Odour in waste tanks is minimised by the use of an ecologically friendly product that does not affect sewers or septic systems.
  • Splashdown usually provides toilet paper with toilet blocks. Where ever possible a recycled product is used.


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